The Confidence Academy

The ultimate guide to help teens navigate adolescence

This Course will Give Your Child

Strong Confidence

The first part is dedicated to teaching your child how to improve their sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Reduced Anxiety

This part is dedicated to explaining where anxiety comes from, why it’s useful, and how to make it for us instead of against us.

Better Organisation

The last part is dedicated to understanding the type of learner you are and the best strategies to study accordingly.

Benefits for your Teen

Learn at their own pace

✅ Unlimited access to the material

✅ Watch the videos as many times as they need

✅ 1:1 session monthly to guide them

✅ Lifetime access to the course

Picture them after the course

📌 Better prepared for school and life

📌 Make and keep friends easily

📌 Understanding who they are and what they want

📌 Increased positivity and self-belief

📌 More autonomy and sense of responsibility

Detail of the Course

Ready to Get your Teen on the Path to Confidence and Success?

Part I: Boost your confidence

Module 1: Becoming Me

1. What is Confidence?

2. Who are you?

3. Message Received

4. About your Mirror

5. Just as you are

Module 2: Getting Stronger

1. Discovering your values

2. Setting Healthy Boundaries

3. Everything is Possible

4. Changing you Attitude

5. Becoming Grateful

Module 3: Shinning Like a Diamond

1. Making Mistakes

2. Taking Responsibilities

3. Making the Right Decision

4. Setting Realistic Goals

5. Facing Challenges

Module 4: Knowing your Enemy

1. What is Anxiety

2. The Fight, Flight and Freeze Responses

3. Better Safe than Sorry

4. Your Body's Response to Stress

5. Getting to Know your Triggers - Part 1

Module 5: Knowing Yourself

1. Getting to Know your Triggers - Part 2

2. Assuming the Worse

3. Are you Positive or Negative

4. The Cost of Anxiety

5. What you Can and Cannot Control

Module 6: Putting it Into Practice

1. Letting Go of Perfectionism

2. Letting Things Linger

3. Rationalizing Catastrophising

4. The Bigger Picture

5. Changing Perspective

Part II: Tame your Anxiety

Part III: The Road to Success

Module 7: Raise your Game

1. What Type of Learner are you?

2. How to Create a Study Calendar

3. How to Study Efficiently

Module 8: Reach Exam Excellence

1. 10 Steps to Exam Success - Part 1

2. 10 Steps to Exam Success - Part 2

3. Dealing with Exam Stress

They Loved the Course!

And that's not all!

Fantastic Bonuses are also included. Such as …

Bonus 1

2 guided meditations. One to help you reach calm and the other to help you visualize your goals and reach success.

Bonus 2

30 days of journaling prompts. Finish your day on a positive while journaling with the help of this bonus.

Bonus 3

Exam Preparation templates. A full collection of templates to help you create a study calendar, flashcards, and more.

Are you Ready to Provide your Teen with all the tools they need?

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